How to prepare an Abstract for the conference

Abstracts are limited in length to one or two pages of A4 format paper (21.0 x 29.7) with 2.5 cm margins from all sides.

The file format should be .doc or .docx.

Recommended style specifications:

Title: 16-point Times New Roman Bold, centered, one blank line after.

Authors: 12-point Times New Roman, centered, name of the presenting author underlined, skip one line after the authors list.

Affiliations: 12-point Times New Roman Italic, centered, skip one line after affiliations.

Body text: 12-point Times New Roman, single spacing, justified, paragraphs separated by a blank line, not indented.

Figure captions: 11point Times New Roman.

References: 11-point Times New Roman. Please use square brackets for reference citation.

The Abstract book will be black and white only, so photos should be high contrast grayscale.

All abstracts should be submitted to the Symposium website.

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